What We Do

The Arpan Group


Creating brand awareness about your services and firm is an integral step to generating a buzz and capturing the attention of your target market.
How we do it: Press releases, media kits, fact sheets, backgrounders, customized marketing materials


Capture the attention of the many ethnic groups that now form the foundation of our society. Expand your consumer base by using a nuanced, culturally thoughtful approach.
How we do it:Culture-specific public relations/marketing strategy, targeted distribution, educational seminars, staff training, customized marketing materials


Our extensive relationships with media outlets ensure your message is heard by the appropriate audience. Reach your target audience through a crafted media campaign.
How we do it:
Media pitches, by-line articles, radio and television ads, event and trade show marketing


Leave a lasting impression with wedding guests and clients with uniquely designed materials that exude cultural flair.
How we do it:
Personalized wedding bags and corporate takeaways like goody bags, bindi cards, and business cards


A streamlined public relations and marketing strategy helps clients achieve exceptional results, capture target audiences, and build a long-term consumer base.
How we do it:
Initial review of existing strategy, development of press materials, market research, and media outreach


Capacity-building isn’t just a buzz word. So, while you focus your energy on meeting potential donors, we strengthen your capacity to deliver programs and services.
How we do it: Grant funding research, proposal writing, evaluations, program management