Today, I had the pleasure of being a presenter during a seminar on capturing the Indian wedding market. One of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the United States, South Asian Americans are increasingly gaining visibility in a wide range of sectors, from CEOs of global companies and political figures to actors, writers, and fashion designers. As the demographic makeup of our communities continues to change and diversify, companies and marketing teams too should consider refining their messages, with special attention to cultural nuances.

Building positive relationships with niche markets, such as South Asian Americans, takes not only time, but also finesse and attention to detail. How do you capture the attention of a niche market? More importantly, how do you create loyalty for your services and products as well as your company?

Understand Consumer

  1. Understand the Consumer: First things first, learn more about the target market: demographics, purchasing trends, culture, traditions, etc. The seminar attendees were all keen on learning about the many rituals and traditions that make up a typical Indian wedding. They’ve take the first step towards reaching the South Asian market; they’re showing an interest and are eager to understand their target consumer. The more you know, the better informed your pitch.
  2. Build a Lasting Impression: Details matter. Knowing a typical Indian wedding consists of three or more events gives you an advantage. By asking a potential client, “Will you be hosting a Sangeet/Mehndi or Grah Shanti?”, you demonstrate an understanding of Indian weddings. Anticipating needs in advance and spending more time discussing your actual services rather than wedding traditions shows clients you’ve gone the extra mile.
  3. Create Added Value: Consider what your firm can do to go beyond what is done for the general public or other target markets. Offer additional services that take cultural differences in account. Make your marketing materials more appealing to the niche market. This attention to detail and understanding of the consumer leads to a more positive relationship with the target market.

You’ve probably caught on by now … the details matter! Whether marketing to the general public or to a niche market, focusing on the details (the right details!) should be an integral part of your strategy. Missing the mark on just one tiny detail can make or break you. So not only are the details key to gaining access to a niche market, but also towards earning a consumer’s trust and confidence in your firm.

The Pew Research Center provides a report based on 2010 US Census data on Asian Americans.