Children’s Book, Let’s Celebrate Diwali, Explores Unifying Theme of Friendship Through Culture

October 22, 2015 – Children’s book Let’s Celebrate Diwali fosters cultural understanding of the multi-faith festival and holiday as well as acceptance of varying cultures through the friendship of the story’s endearing main characters.

Let’s Celebrate Diwali, publishing company Bharat Babies’ latest title, offers young readers an opportunity to learn about Indian culture and connect with characters that represent themselves as well as their friends and classmates. Written by Anjali Joshi and illustrated by Tim Palin, Let’s Celebrate Diwali not only serves as an informational resource about Indian heritage and traditions, but also helps children understand a cultures through the unifying theme of friendship.

Characters of Let's Celebrate Diwali

Characters of Let’s Celebrate Diwali

In the story, recurring character Harini is surprised to learn some of her friends in class also celebrate Diwali, albeit with different traditions. Author Anjali Joshi wanted to approach the explanation of Diwali from a special angle; one where friends share varied experiences and accept one another for their differences. She explains, “Exploring cultural traditions through universal themes, such as friendship, help children internalize the story’s message.” Joshi depicts different Diwali traditions, in accordance to varying faiths, in a way that is both appealing and accurate, the foundation of Bharat Babies’ mission.

A complement to the accessible storyline, the illustrations by Tim Palin are bold and vibrant, engaging children and adults alike. The characters are not drawn as idealized depictions, but rather as illustrated versions of children as they see themselves and their friends. Illustrator Tim Palin shares, “Not only are they from cultures that kids don’t normally see, these characters are bringing history and lessons that are special and unique to their heritage. It’s the ultimate Show and Tell.” With their thirst for learning and recognition of the differences that surround them, the main characters of Let’s Celebrate Diwali promote acceptance and an understanding of friendship.

Let’s Celebrate Diwali is available now to order in time for Diwali on November 11, 2015. Through this and four other titles, Bharat Babies addresses the need for diversity in children’s literature with modern and age-appropriate books about Indian culture and popular folk tales. To learn more about Bharat Babies or to order books, visit and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

About Bharat Babies
Recognizing the need for age-appropriate and developmentally sound books about Indian heritage, Sailaja N. Joshi founded Bharat Babies in 2013. With five titles currently available, the publishing company works continually with authors and illustrators to design and produce developmentally appropriate books that tell the stories of India’s heritage and traditions for children from birth through elementary school.

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