Ever feel like you’re on information overload? Finding the time to keep up-to-date on industry trends and tips can be challenging. Check-in with us each week as we share our top five must-reads in PR and marketing.

Here’s some great advice from the marketing industry’s top female executives: 20 Female Marketing Executives Share Their Best Career Advice.

Motivational speaker, Hira Ali encourages us to put away our self-doubt. You may not feel qualified or like an expert in your chosen field, but Ali counters with a suggestion to take action: How to Overcome Self Doubt and Impostor Syndrome.

If you haven’t read Poornima Vijayashanker‘s blog, take a look. She offers frank, practical advice, and that often resonates so deeply for me. This week she explores ways in which we manage tasks and time without feeling guilty: How We Hold Ourselves Back When We Think We Have To Do Everything.

This week’s ICYMI is last week’s TIME magazine cover story, a poignant look at Sheryl Sandberg’s experience with dealing with grief after the death of her husband: Sheryl Sandberg: Option B and Life After Grief.

Happy Reading!